Stories for Japan


I know you all have been transfixed by what has been going on in Japan. The sight of the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami, as well the fears of the nuclear problems at Fukushima–Daiichi have gripped us all.

My friend Neil Gardner, owner of in Surrey, England, asked a number of voice actors to contribute to a wonderful project – Japanese Fairy World: Stories from the Wonder World of Japan. Neil, my friends Fran McLellan, Justin Barrett and Natalie Cooper, myself, and many others have recorded 25 short stores from Japanese fairy tales, and Neil has compiled them and made them available on the Spoken World website here.

All 25 stories (3.5 hours of tales!) are available for £10 ($16.28), or individual tracks for £0.79 ($1.28). Proceeds from the sales will go to the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal (for more information, go to the Red Cross UK website). Neil is taking NO overhead from this, and none of the voice artists are being paid for their work.

Please feel free to donate as much or as little as you can. And please pass it on: we want to get these in the virtual “hands” of everyone we can. Thank you!