A Resource for Voiceover – MineWurx Studio Voice Talent Services

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Micheal Minetree is the proprietor of Minewurx Studio, and he has posted a listing of the services in the very active Minewurx Studio Voice Talent Services group on Facebook. I am reposting it in its entirety, because if you are a voice talent and need some help with any of the things he has posted, you might have great option right here. I have never worked with Minewurx, but many people whom I respect have, so I offer this wihout hesitation.

There is something I’ve wanted to share with all of you for a while – but I had to wait until the time was right. So here goes. The “Voice Talent Services” part of the group name is just that – it’s about providing services to talent when they need them. These services cover a whole host of things to better and empower voice talent.

The services we provide cost very little money to new clients and can be had for little to no cost at all for current web hosting clients. One client just got their Flash website edited and redesigned for free. Another client called when their ProTools system wasn’t working and they needed a hand. Cost? Free. Another client called when they needed a quick graphic for their web site. Charge? nada… These are things we do every day for our clients. Below is a list of the types of things we provide:

  • Web Hosting
  • Graphics
  • Software Training
  • Coaching and Instruction
  • Talent Casting
  • Audio Editing and Mixing
  • Audio and Video Encoding for the Web
  • Audio and Video Player Installations
  • Voice Demos
  • Video Editing
  • Music Libraries
  • Sound Effects
  • Job Postings
  • Web Design
  • Site Development
  • Blog Installations
  • Forum Installations
  • FTP Server Access
  • File Storage and Backups
  • ISDN – Source Connect Bridging
  • … and anything else we can think of..

So – the moral of the story is – when you need a hand with any of the above – try calling your web hosting provider and see if they offer them. I’m pretty sure they don’t. But we do…

If you ever need anything having to do with any of the above, or would like to explore what options are available to you concerning your existing web hosting – just call. We’re building a different kind of web hosting service – one that offers additional features like no other.

Questions? Message me on Facebook, email me from the website or call (571) 318-9776 and leave a message if I’m not there. I always  get my emails – so that is the fastest and best way to reach me.



And there you have it. Some interesting opportunities there. Go check out Minewurx!