Going viral

So this is fun: I did a web ad with Terry Daniel and and ad firm in Minnesota for a Senate candidate in Alaska. It was a spoof of the Old Spice ads everyone loved so much (me included). It got enough attention that it made the Today Show this morning.

Honestly, I don’t know if you can beat that kind of exposure.

Here’s the full ad. Thanks to Michael Wilson at Odd Lamps and Terry Daniel from Voice Over Club for bringing me onboard!

Here comes the self promotion…

Messaging on hold has been a big part of my voiceover existence for the last 5 years. My main client is Muzak Voice, which has me do about 150 messages a week. Jeff McDowell is one of the VCs I worked with there, and he was so kind as to provide this testimonial:
I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of working with George for nearly 4 years, and in that time, I must have sent him 4,000 scripts. Resoundingly, he’s always delivered his voice work back to me absolutely spot-on, in record time, and with a distinct professionalism which seems to be increasingly lacking in the VO industry. He’s prideful of his work — and it shows! Thanks, George!
Wow. This is one of those times you’re glad you are having the impact you wanted to have on your clients. Here’s hoping for more…