Another VO Newbie Resource – The VO Minute

Last week,VO Minute I posted a lot of information for new voice actors. And I knew the instant I hit “publish” that there were a lot of things I left out of the considerable list. The first omission I want to correct is this one: The VO Minute.

The VO Minute is a 1 minute podcast created by Allison Moffett and Marktree Productions in Huntington Beach, California. A brisk and informative blast of good information for anyone unfamiliar with the ins and outs of voiceover, audio recording, and sound, you should definitely be subscribing to it in iTunes or checking it out directly on the website. They are now up to 11 episodes, and going strong.

If audio isn’t in your background, I strongly recommend checking out this podcast. You can only gain from it. You can also follow Allison on Twitter @VOMinuteAlli do find out when each new podcast is coming. Anne Ganguzza  had already pointed out this great resource, but I thought I would add to the chorus. Go check it out!


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