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Power of Human Voice – Chanticleer


I think I’m going to add this as a semi regular feature of this blog: The Power of the Human Voice. I tried it out with the previous post on the death of Henryk Górecki, and I like it some much, I’m going back to it, hopefully on a weekly basis. It won’t all be about music, but this one is too good to pass up.

Chanticleer is a musical group that has sung together since 1978, specializing in a capella (unaccompanied) vocals of classical works. Over the years, they have commissioned a number of works by contemporary composers as well. But this is a step out even for them: a music video for an “indie pop” song.

“Cells Planets” is by Erika Lloyd, and the video was shot by the group on the road with cameraphones and webcams, and is an outstanding showcase for the lead countertenor. If you are unfamiliar with the term, a countertenor is a male voice whose range ranges well into the mezzo, or lower woman’s range.  It is a haunting, lovely rendition, so please click and have a listen. Thanks to Kevin Turner for sharing this video.