Twitter can be your friend!

This shouldn’t come as news to any of you tech savvy, Intertubez friendly folks out there, but I just wanted to point out something: Twitter CAN lead to contacts, which in turn can lead to voice work. Take for example my interaction with
Back on May 24th, @marketHOLD posted this tweet, with those charming Twitter friendly shortening conventions:
Seeking, seeking contact information for #voiceover artists. Tell me: Do u want 2 work? Do u want businesses 2 find you 2 ask u 2do work?
As I do a lot of on hold messaging in addition to commercial and narration work, I was interested. I followed up with a tweet of my own. We interacted via Twitter for the week, sending links to my demos and such. This morning, I was in direct contact with Sarah at MarketHOLD, and I will be added to their website as a talent very soon. No, it’s not a paying gig yet, but it is the start of it, and that is always the first step.
Terry Daniel over at had a recent experience with getting work via Twitter:


It is worth your time to get out there, if for no other reason to see the very interesting and helpful information that can come through the hashtags #vo and #voiceover. Many voice artists and production houses are there offering news, tips and information you shouldn’t miss. And hey….you may even get a gig out of it.

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