eVOlutionary steps

Here comes the self promotion…

Messaging on hold has been a big part of my voiceover existence for the last 5 years. My main client is Muzak Voice, which has me do about 150 messages a week. Jeff McDowell is one of the VCs I worked with there, and he was so kind as to provide this testimonial:
I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of working with George for nearly 4 years, and in that time, I must have sent him 4,000 scripts. Resoundingly, he’s always delivered his voice work back to me absolutely spot-on, in record time, and with a distinct professionalism which seems to be increasingly lacking in the VO industry. He’s prideful of his work — and it shows! Thanks, George!
Wow. This is one of those times you’re glad you are having the impact you wanted to have on your clients. Here’s hoping for more…